4 Tips to Make Your Cleaning Easier This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy and happiness. It is also a time that we spend with our family and friends, which can mean more messes to clean up. It’s important to do thorough cleanings during this time of year. To make your work easier, consider implementing these cleaning tips.

1. Start by Removing All the Clutter

Over the holidays, it’s possible that your home will fill up with decorations and gifts. You may often have items lying around that you don’t need or use anymore. Remove all these unnecessary things to make your home look cleaner. A quick way to do this is to donate unused items.

2. Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in your home. During the holiday season, it may get very crowded as you’ll spend a lot of time cooking and baking to entertain guests. Clean up all spills and messes as soon as possible because they can attract pests and germs that will only make things worse for your family’s health. Take everything out from your cabinets, wipe them clean and organize all the items neatly. When you’re done with this, give your kitchen appliances a thorough cleaning.

3. Clean the Bathroom

The bathroom is another room that tends to get messy over the holidays. Among other things, you may often find toothbrushes, combs and other personal hygiene items in your shower, sink or similar places. Get a basket for each member of the household and have them put their personal items in their basket. Clean the shower walls, curtains, tub and floor with disinfectant to kill germs. Finish by cleaning the toilet and sink.

You can use the same techniques to clean other rooms in your home, including the bedrooms, the living room or the hallway. For example, you may choose to use a basket for each member of the family and have them put their shoes in it when they come home from work or school. Once everyone is out of sight, you can quickly gather all the shoes and put them in a designated place. You may also use this opportunity to clean up other things around the house, such as clothes, toys, or any other items that are out of place.

4. Clean the Windows and Doors

While your windows and doors might not be the first thing you think of when cleaning your home, these areas can get pretty dirty. This is especially true if you have kids or pets. If you plan on having guests over for the holidays, you’ll want to make sure any smudges or scuffs are gone.

To clean your windows, start by removing all curtains and drapes from your window sills. When you’re done, wash them thoroughly. Then, wipe down any glass surfaces with an ammonia-based cleaner, and dry them with a clean cloth.

When you’re done with the windows, turn your attention to the doors. Clean the door frames using an all-purpose cleaner or multipurpose solution. Next, wipe the doors down before shining up doorknobs and other metal pieces of hardware. It’s also important to disinfect your doorknobs to avoid germs from being passed around your household.

It’s possible to make your home look spotless in a short period of time. By implementing these tips, you may find it easier to clean your home during any holiday season. If you feel like you need professional assistance, Brooms Over Broome can certainly help. Call us today for more information about our services.