5 Essential Things to Remember for Cleaning Commercial Spaces

When it comes to cleaning commercial spaces, there are some things you need to keep in mind. There is more involved than just spraying down the counters and washing away the dirt. You have to think about everything that goes on in that space daily and how your cleaners will affect those goings-on. Here are some essential things for you to remember when it comes time for cleaning commercial areas.

1. Have All the Necessary Supplies Ready to Go

When you are cleaning commercial spaces, there is a ton of work to do. You need to have all the products and tools necessary to get everything done efficiently. If you don’t have what you need when it’s time to start cleaning, you will be wasting valuable time and energy trying to find the right supplies.

2. Ensure Proper Ventilation

When you begin a cleaning job, make sure the commercial space has proper ventilation. If you don’t, you will be spending more of your time getting the right amount of ventilation rather than getting things done. Proper ventilation helps keep the air quality levels safe for your cleaners as well as the people who use the space daily.

3. Beware of Safety Precautions

For commercial spaces like hospitals and schools, you need to be aware of safety precautions. Ensure that everything has been cleaned up properly from floors in areas where you’re working so that no one slips. If you will be working with biological materials or hazardous chemicals, be familiar with the proper precautions when disposing of them.

4. Take Care of Basics First

Always start with the basics. It would be best if you made sure that everything is done in proper order for maximum efficiency. If you don’t do this, you will be wasting precious time figuring out what needs to be done next each time you check a task off your list. The more efficient your cleaners are at cleaning essential items like counters and floors, the faster they can get other things done.

5. Wear Protective Gear

When it comes to cleaning commercial spaces like hospitals and schools, you and your cleaners must wear protective gear. In any public places, you never know what might get on your skin or in your eyes. Make sure that all of your people wear protective gear such as long sleeves and goggles so they don’t come into contact with anything they shouldn’t. Not only will protective gear keep them safe, but it will also make sure that they don’t spread any germs or potentially hazardous materials to other areas.

Who doesn’t want to feel like they are in a clean environment? It can be challenging, though. If you have never done this type of work before or don’t know how to do it well, there is no shame in hiring someone else for the job! Reach out to Brooms Over Broome, and we will happily take care of all your commercial cleaning needs so that you can focus on other things.