After a long winter of being in the house, it’s a great time to do a thorough house cleaning when spring arrives. Here are some house cleaning tips to help you start fresh and prepare for spring.

You might start by taking an inventory of your home. What is working? What do you need to throw away? What can you reuse or repurpose for another room of the house? Consider donating things that are still useful or repurposing them before throwing them away. Use this time to declutter the home, if needed, too!

1. Clean out the fridge

The fridge accumulates all kinds of items between grocery shopping trips, which means it’s easy for outdated food to go unnoticed until it smells terrible. You can start to get your house in order by throwing away expired or unusable items from the fridge and then do the same in your pantry.

2. Clean the oven

Ovens are challenging to clean because foods can get stuck behind knobs and grooves pretty easily. All it takes is a little bit of time and attention to all those places where food gets stuck like under the burners of a gas stove.

3. Clean the walls

Wash the walls with your favorite, all-purpose household cleaning product such as dishwashing liquid and a few drops of distilled white vinegar in hot water. It will not only make your house smell better, but it will create an environment where dust doesn’t stick around for long periods. Don’t forget to clean window coverings too!

4. Scrub out the tub/shower and the rest of the bathroom

Your bathroom will sparkle if you add some baking soda and peroxide to your regular cleaning products. Remember to dry the area thoroughly after cleaning, so mold doesn’t grow.

5. Get rid of old clothes 

Finally, go through all the clothes that are just sitting around in your bedroom and your children’s bedrooms. Don’t forget about clothes in the back of your closet too! If it’s either ripped or worn out, or if you are not wearing it anymore, there’s no need for it to take up space in your home anymore. Decide what you will keep, donate or toss in the trash. You can call a non-profit organization such as Goodwill Industries or the Salvation Army to get details about where you can drop-off your discarded things. Some organizations will come pick up your donated items from your home.

Set new housekeeping goals – Once every season is a great time to declutter your home and do a deep cleaning in anticipation of what the season has to offer. Take on one room at a time and not try to do too much. 

House cleaning can be satisfying work, but not everyone enjoys it or has time to keep up with all of the cleaning tasks around the house. When it’s time to get some help with either an occasional thorough cleaning, or a weekly, professional cleaning, Brooms over Broome is here to help you. Contact us today to discuss our services.